Bullet Boats Pty Ltd.

Bullet Boats based in Queensland Australia
Sports boats for ski racing and power boating

BULLET BOATS was established in 1970s and have been the benchmark for Ski Race boats and Ski Boats throughout Australia and New Zealand.

BULLET BOATS hold numerous records and awards, they have achieved more in their history than any other similar vessel.

This makes Bullet Boats the thoroughbred and leader in ski boats and ski race boat innovation, proving over their long history that they are still the best designed boat available today.

Bullet Boats still holds a world water speed record with a 1750 tunnel deck bullet called bullet One.

This is a exciting new range of Australian Built Boats Contact us today 0417 173257

This is a exciting new range of bow-rider boats, Half Cabins and Centre Console Boats made by bullet boats. Called Auz-sport as they are made here in Australia for Australians.

Bow-Riders come in 3 models. 195, 215 and a 225
Half-Cabins come in 2 models. 5.8 and a 6.22 meter
Centre Console model is a 5.8 meter

Bullet Boats leading the way with Design and innovation
Bullet Boats catering for all your boating you needs