Ski Racing Boats

Bullet Boats is one of the original ski boat manufacturers in Australia. Bullet Boats have made many innovative hull designs that have been way ahead of their time for social skiing, ski racing and the power boat race circuit. More than a few boat manufacturers have tried unsuccessfully to copy our proven hull design, which proves that we are at the forefront of our industry.

Bullet Boats, with our ski boat innovation, can give you the best experience of a high performance ski boat that is second to none. With our proven track record on the circuit and other manufacturers attempting to replicate our designs, you can be sure that when you own a Bullet ski boat you have the very best there is to offer. Bullet Boats is the only Australian boat manufacturer that has a world water speed record that still stands today with a 1750 tunnel deck bullet called Bullet One driven by Ken Evans. This is yet another major achievement for hull design superiority that has not been matched.

Bullet Boats manufacture ski boats in both outboard and inboard versions to suit all types of skiing, wake boarding and cruising. Remember, when considering your purchase of ski boat that if you buy a Bullet Boat you can be assured that it is original in it design and has been tested, this naturally means that the purchase of your new Bullet Boat will always be worth more than an inferior copy, this without question leads to better market and resale value and piece of mind that the very best materials and manufacture process has been used for the production of this boat. Don’t be fooled all boats are not created equal

Important info on Boat Comparisons

Bullet Boats make there Social range of boats as per the same way our Race boats are made by Vacuum Resin Infusion, we have chosen this above standard hand lay ups to give you the customer the absolute best build strength and quality available in the industry

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  • Bullet Custom Trailers are available for this model

All Race boats are made by vacuum resin infusion using high density Foam cores, directional glass and vinyl ester resins see more under construction…….